Rebecca Carter is a social, cultural, and urban anthropologist whose research explores human dwelling, vulnerability, and social-environmental change, particularly in the urban periphery.

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To date, Dr. Carter's work has been based in New Orleans, where she examines the trajectory of urban development, decline, violence, and disaster. Carter focuses in particular on accompanying processes of social exclusion and displacement, and both old and new assertions of humanity -- fundamental ideologies of being, relating, and belonging that have emerged among the people and along the margins of urban society to both redevelop and reconstitute city and citizenry in the 21st century.

Saint-Louis, Senegal, 2012

New Orleans, Louisiana, 2009

REBECCA LOUISE CARTER, PhD, Sociocultural Anthropology, University of Michigan; BA, Psychology and Art Theory and Practice, Northwestern University
Assistant Professor
Anthropology and Urban Studies
Phone: 401-863-7056

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New Faculty, Brown University, 2013

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