Dr. Amy Nunn conducts social science research examining the structural, social and behavioral factors influencing racial disparities in HIV infection in the United States. She received an NIH Career Development Award in 2010 to investigate the role of sexual networks and other factors contributing racial disparities in HIV infection. Dr. Nunn is a passionate social justice advocate committed to using her research for positive social change. Read below for more details.

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Dr. Amy Nunn is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Brown Medical School. She holds a secondary appointment in Behavioral and Social Sciences at the Brown University School of Public Health. She currently conducts HIV prevention research related to health disparities and HIV/AIDS, HIV testing, sexual networks, and how to best link people living with HIV/AIDS to treatment and care services.

Dr. Nunn is best known for her innovative community partnerships to address disparities, including engaging clergy and community leaders in HIV testing, treatment and social marketing campaigns. In 2012, she established a comprehensive, neighborhood-based HIV and HCV prevention and treatment program called "Do One Thing." Do One Thing responds to unmet needs for testing and treatment in a Philadelphia neighborhood with high rates of HIV and HCV infection. In 2011, she founded Philly Faith in Action, a coalition of clergy in Philadelphia, PA who work collaboratively to reduce racial disparities in HIV infection. In 2013, Dr. Nunn expanded her work with clergy by establishing Mississippi Faith in Action, a similar coalition based in the heart of the Bible Belt in Jackson, Mississippi.

A social scientist by training, Dr. Nunn has worked in several countries and conducted domestic and international research on a variety of health topics, including HIV/AIDS, access to reproductive health services, and family planning. Dr. Nunn has also conducted global health policy research that explores how politics, economics and intellectual property rights affect AIDS policy and access to medicines in developing countries. She is the author of the book "The Politics and History of AIDS Treatment in Brazil," whose foreword was written by Brazilian President Fernando Cardoso, and which was published in 2009 by Springer. She has also written numerous peer-reviewed articles about Brazil's AIDS treatment program.

She has received research grants from Harvard University, the US Departments of Defense and Education, the Rhode Island Foundation, the MAC AIDS Fund, Gilead Sciences, and the National Institutes of Health. She received the "Outstanding New Researcher Award" at the 2009 CDC HIV Prevention Conference and an NIH Career Development Award in 2010. Dr. Nunn holds masters and doctoral degrees from the Harvard School of Public Health and is a former Fulbright Scholar. She speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese.

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Assistant Professor of Medicine (Research) and Assistant Professor of Behavioral & Social Sciences (Research)
Medicine and Behavioral & Social Sciences
Phone: 401-793-2570

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Brown collaborators:

Collaborators at other institutions:
Leandro Mena (University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS)
Stacey Trooskin (Drexel University, Philadelphia PA)

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