Prof. Leslie is interested in the ecological and social processes that link people and marine ecosystems, and how to more effectively integrate science into marine policy and management. Her research areas include coastal ecology, the design and evaluation of marine conservation and management strategies, and human-environment interactions.

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An international leader in marine conservation science, Heather Leslie conducts research on the ecology, policy, and management of coastal marine ecosystems. She is interested in understanding the drivers of ecological and social processes in marine systems, and how to more effectively integrate science into marine policy and management. Specific research areas include coastal marine ecology, design and evaluation of marine conservation strategies, and human-environment linkages in coastal areas. Leslie's work has appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Ecology, Conservation Biology, and Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, and has been covered by the New York Times and the Environmental News Service.

A member of the Brown faculty since July 2007, Heather Leslie received an A.B. in Biology from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in Zoology from Oregon State University. Before arriving at Brown, she was a research fellow at Princeton University. She is originally from Plymouth, Massachusetts.

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Curricum Vitae

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HEATHER LESLIE, Ph.D., Oregon State University; A. B., Harvard University
Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Center for Environmental Studies
Phone: +1 401 863 6277 (office)
Phone 2: +1 401 863 2477 (lab)
E-mail: Heather_Leslie@brown.edu

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On The Web:
Leslie Lab webpage
Marine Ecosystem-Based Management Case Studies
Ecosystem-Based Management for the Oceans

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