Surfaces - their physical properties and chemical reactions - present us with problems that are both of fundamental scientific interest and of great technological importance. Thanks to the development of techniques capable of exploring the interface on an atomic scale, solutions to many of these problems are now within reach. Our research focuses on experimental studies of metal and semiconductor surfaces and seeks to provide realistic models for the description of the gas-solid interface, including processes such as chemisorption, film growth, and two-dimensional phase transitions.

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Newport Rogers Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Physics Emeritus
Dean of the Graduate School and Research Emeritus, Brown University

Professor and Dean Peder Estrup :
M.Sc.(Chemistry) Royal Polytechnic University, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Ph.D. Physical Chemistry Yale University.
Fulbright Scholar Yale University.
Sheffield Scholar Yale University.
Postdoctoral Fellow, European Center for Nuclear Research, Switzerland
Research Staff Surface Chemistry and Physics, Bell Laboratories, New Jersey.
Group Leader, Bartol Research Foundation, Pennsylvania
Joined Brown University faculty as Professor of Physics and Professor of Chemistry.
Chair of Brown Chemistry Department 1989-96
Newport Rogers Professor of Chemistry and Physics 1992-2004
Dean of the Graduate School and Research at Brown 1996-2003
Emeritus Prof Brown University July 2004
Visiting Researcher University of California at Santa Barbara 2003-

As Professor in both Physics and Chemistry as well as Dean of the Graduate School and Research , Professor Estrup promoted and encouraged interaction and collaboration between departments and among different departments.He taught in both physics and chemistry departments and had graduate students from both departments.

Curricum Vitae

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Newport Rogers Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Physics and Dean of the Graduate School and Research Emeritus
Chemistry and Physics
Phone: +1 401 863 3329
Phone 2: +1 805 898 2205
E-mail: Peder_Estrup@Brown.EDU

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