Dr. Friedman's research addresses how parasitic diseases, particularly malaria and schistosomiasis (a worm infection of the liver and intestines) cause morbidity for pregnant women and children. Previous research has addressed whether or not these infections are associated with adverse maternal and birth outcomes, malnutrition, anemia, and cognitive impairment. It has also examined how these parasites cause these problems to more effectively address best options for treating these morbidities.

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Dr. Friedman is a pediatrician who conducts international health research out of Lifespan's Center for International Health Research. Her research addresses quantification of and mechanisms of morbidity of parasitic diseases among pregnant women and children.

Curricum Vitae

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Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Phone: +1 401 444 7449
E-mail: Jennifer_Friedman@Brown.EDU

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Center for International Health Research

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Collaborators at other institutions:
Feiko ter Kuile
Hannah Coutinho
Tjalling Leenstra
Luz Acosta
David Bellinger
Remigio Olveda
Vickee Tallo
Surrendra Sharma

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