My work has focused (a) the contribution of personality, psychiatric conditions, and emotional processes to the causes and treatment of alcohol and tobacco addiction, (b) methods for assessing alcohol use, problems, and dependence, and (c) the etiology and treatment of the co-use of alcohol and tobacco. My most recent research examines the application of positive psychotherapy to smoking cessation and a brief alcohol intervention for HIV-infected heavy drinking men who have sex with men.

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Christopher W. Kahler, PhD-Professor
Dr. Kahler is Professor and Chair of the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences in the Brown University School of Public Health. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1998 from Rutgers University and joined the Brown Medical School faculty that year. Dr. Kahler's work focuses on (a) the role of personality and emotion in heavy alcohol use and smoking, (b) the etiology and treatment of combined heavy drinking and smoking, and (c) the role of alcohol in the treatment of HIV infection. He is currently the Principal Investigator on an NIAAA-funded laboratory study on alcohol administration and smoking relapse risk, an NIAAA-funded randomized clinical trial of naltrexone for at-risk and problem drinkers seeking smoking cessation treatment, and an NCI-funded treatment development project to adapt Positive Psychotherapy for use in smoking cessation treatment with low positive affect smokers. He is the Scientific Director of the NIAAA-funded Alcohol Research Center on HIV (ARCH) and is PI of a major research component evaluating a brief alcohol intervention in a primary care setting for HIV-infected men who have sex with men. He is also PI of an NIAAA-funded U24 grant to examine mechanisms of behavior change in alcohol-HIV intervention. His recent publications focus on (a) association among alcohol use, depressive symptoms, and smoking cessation outcomes, (b) development of a positive psychology intervention for smoking cessation, and (c) the effects of alcohol and individual differences in distress tolerance on a lab-based analogue of smoking relapse.

Curricum Vitae

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Professor and Chair
Behavior and Social Sciences, School of Public Health
Phone: +1 401 863 6651
E-mail: Christopher_Kahler@Brown.EDU

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