I am a health services researcher educated in statistics and applied mathematics. My research has focused on health care utilization and cost of care of nursing home residents and the organization of professional medical staff in nursing homes. I seek to understand potentially modifiable organizational behavior and strategies and the effect of implementation of policies on those organizational behaviors. In my research I have emphasized the use of novel statistical methods, building sophisticated data systems for complex analyses, and designing statistical models and methods. I have been particularly concerned with the way in which methods and models are used, developing methods to more clearly present and understand their results.

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Brief Bio

Dr. Intrator is an applied statistician and health services researcher. A faculty in the Department of Community Health since 1993, Dr. Intrator has also held a faculty position in the Statistics Department at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1993-1995 and 1997-1999), and has directed the Laboratory for Applied Statistics (1993-1995). Dr. Intrator's work has been funded by grants from AHRQ, NIA, the Israeli National Science Foundation, and the Israel National Institute for Health Care Policy and Research. Dr. Intrator is a Fellow of InterRAI, an organization devoted to the development of standardized assessment tools for evaluation of care of the elderly world-wide, and to the conduction of cross-national studies.

Dr. Intrator studies health care utilization of elderly residing in nursing homes, especially hospitalizations, with particular emphasis on the effects of their nursing home's organizational structure and its market, as well as states' Medicaid policies. Dr. Intrator has led the development of the Residential History File, a methodology which uses Medicare claims and nursing home MDS assessments data to create a file that tracks Medicare beneficiaries' health service utilization and residences, including permanent nursing home placement. This new research tool has been used in several studies ranging from assessment of post acute care to end of life care.

Dr. Intrator utilizes state of the art statistical methods such as Markov Chain Monte Carlo estimation of multilevel models, and has been developing methods to jointly study different services utilization in models that uses informative censoring due to death. In a recent collaboration with Drs. Jason Roy and Susan Miller, she has been modeling total costs of dually-eligible nursing home patients at the end of life. Dr. Intrator has also been studying interpretation of results from new sophisticated models such as neural networks and multilevel models.

Curricum Vitae

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Assoc Professor of Health Services Policy & Practice (Rsch)
Public Health-Health Services Policy & Practice
Phone: +1 401 863 3579
E-mail: Orna_Intrator@Brown.EDU

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Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research

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Collaborators at other institutions:
Jane Banaszak-Holl; University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Paul Katz, MD; Baycrest Medical Center, Toronto Ontario
Jurgis Karuza, PhD; Buffalo State College
Bruce Kinosian, MD; University of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia VAMC
Robin Kruse, PhD; University of Missouri, Columbia
David Mehr, MD; University of Missouri Columbia
Ciaran Phibbs, PhD; Stanford Universty and HERC Palo Alto VAMC
Jacqueline Zinn, PhD; Temple University
Cari Levy, MD; Denver VAMC
Mary Ersek,PhD; Philadelphia VAMC
Kenneth Shay, DDS; Geriatrics & Extended Care Center Office
Christa Hojlo, PhD; Geriatrics & Extended Care Center Office

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