My perspective is one in which I seek to understand the way "lifetimes" are put together. "Lifetimes" are organized both socially (for instance, in the United States, one is practically, legally, and morally required to be formally educated during much of one's first two decades of life, typically within specialized educational institutions), and psychologically (I am in some sense the same John Modell that my parents raised, and in some senses a different character). My research addresses this mix of concerns, and so does my teaching; I talk mostly about kids and schools, and the several contexts, historical, national, local, and socioeconomic, that affect them.

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JOHN MODELL, Ph.D., Columbia University, 1969. History, M.A., Columbia University, 1963. History, B.A., Columbia College, 1962. History
Professor Emeritus of Education and Sociology
Education and Sociology
Phone: +1 401 863 2176
E-mail: John_Modell@Brown.EDU

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