Richard Meckel's research is centered in the intersections between historical demography and epidemiology, the history of public health and medicine, and the history of child social and medical welfare. He is especially interested in the role of the state in promoting child health and is currently examining a century and a half of largely unrealized plans to use the public school to improve the physical and emotional well-being of the nation's young.

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Richard Meckel (Ph.D. American Culture, University of Michigan) is Associate Professor of American Civilization at Brown. He is a U.S. social and cultural historian, primarily of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, whose research and teaching interests include the histories of immigration and ethnicity, childhood and child welfare, medicine and publics health, and epidemiology and demography. He is author of Save the Babies: American Public Health Reform and the Prevention of Infant Mortality, 1850-1929 (1990;1998), and is co-editor of Children and Youth in Sickness and Health (2004). In addition, he is author of variety of book chapters and articles ranging in topic from early twentieth-century Italian-American literature to mid-nineteenth-century urban morbidity and mortality trends.

Associate Professor, American Civilization
American Civilization
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