My lab studies RNA splicing. A third of all hereditary disease mutations affect RNA splicing. Using deep sequencing and array based synthesis, we are measuring the effects of thousands of mutations and SNPs on splicing, spliceosome assembly and RNA protein binding. In the lab there is a strong emphasis on developing hybrid approaches to science, combining genome analysis and computational biology with experimentation.

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I majored in chemistry at Oberlin College then worked briefly as a freelance journalist before starting graduate school at Columbia University in the Department of Biological Sciences. My postdoctoral research at MIT was performed in Phil Sharp's Lab with Chris Burge as a joint postdoc advisor. Here at Brown, I have focused on using high throughput and computational methods to define elements important in gene expression. This work has convinced us that the disruption of pre-mRNA splicing is a common causal mechanism for many disease mutations. We have recently become interested in developing methods for analyzing clinical sequencing experiments and are active with the Mendelian Genetics Research Group in Harvard.
On a personal note, I am married to Dr Andrea Arena (Asst. Prof, Department of Family Medicine) and we have two wonderful boys!

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Associate Professor of Biology
Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, & Biochemistry
Phone: +1 401 863 6215
Phone 2: +1 401 863 6215
E-mail: William_Fairbrother@brown.edu

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Spliceman -online tool for predicting the effect of variation on splicing
RESCUE-ESE: an online tool for predicitng exonic splicing enhancers

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Chris Smith

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