Areas of Interest: human rights and humanitarian law and policy, International Criminal Law, Comparative Property Law, Emergencies and Constitutionalism, Legal history, Postcolonial theory, Feminist theory, South Asian Politics, Politics of Identity, Legal and Political Theory

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Vasuki Nesiah is director of International Affairs and lecturer in international relations. Her current research is on international interventions in post-conflict contexts. Before joining Brown Nesiah worked as a human rights lawyer at ICTJ and Adjunct Associate Professor at SIPA in Columbia University. Nesiah completed her JD and her SJD in public international law at Harvard Law School. The author of numerous journal articles and other publications that include "The Specter of Violence That Haunts The Universal Declaration of Human Rights" Maryland Journal Of International Law, Volume 24 (2009); "Resistance in the Age of Empire" in Falk, Richard ed. Third World Quarterly Special Issue: International Law and the Third World 27(5) (2006); "Gender and Transitional Justice," Columbia Journal of Gender and the Law, (Spring 2006); and "From Berlin to Bonn: Militarization and Multilateral Decision-Making," Harvard Human Rights Law Journal (Spring 2004)

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VASUKI NESIAH, SJD Harvard 2000; JD Harvard 1993 and BA Cornell 1990
Director, International Affairs
International Affairs
Phone: +1 401 863 9736

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