Paul Malloy's primary research interest is frontal lobe/executive functions in neuropsychiatric disorders, with a current focus on dementia. He is investigating the role of small vessel cerebrovascular disease in causing executive deficits using behavioral and neuroimaging techniques. In addition, a series of projects have demonstrated the relationship between executive problems and poor outcomes such as increased caregiver burden, failure in activities of daily living, and apathy. He is also involved in studies measuring executive functioning in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and depression in patients undergoing deep brain stimulation treatment.

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Dr. Malloy graduated from Dartmouth College in 1972, and served as a Navy officer for the next four years. He earned a PhD in clinical psychology from SUNY Binghamton in 1981. He has been on the Brown Faculty since 1983. He serves as Director of Psychology and Co-Director of the Memory and Aging Program at Butler Hospital. He coordinated the Neuropsychology Track of the Brown Clinical Psychology Training Consortium for many years, and is now Associate Director of the Psychology Division of the DPHB.

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Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior
Psychiatry & Human Behavior
Phone: +1 401 455 6355
Phone 2: +1 401 301 0427
E-mail: Paul_Malloy@Brown.EDU

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