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Paja Faudree is a linguistic anthropologist whose research interests include language and politics, indigenous literary and social movements, the interface between music and language, the ethnohistory of New World colonization, and the global marketing of indigenous rights discourses, indigenous knowledge, and plants. She received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania and came to Brown following a Harper-Schmidt Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Social Sciences at the University of Chicago. She is affiliated with Brown's Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Native American and Indigenous Studies, the Program in Science and Technology Studies, and Development Studies. Professor Faudree teaches courses on language and society, social movements in Latin America, language and politics, language and music, and the anthropology of drugs. She is also a published poet and playwright, and holds an MFA from Brown's literary arts program.

PAJA FAUDREE, PhD, Linguistic Anthropology; University of Pennsylvania, August 2006
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Anthropology; Affiliated faculty, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Center for the Study and Race and Ethnicity, and Development Studies
Phone: +1 401 863 2638

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