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Dr. Sullivan's interdisciplinary research has focused on the biological, psychological, social, and environmental factors to understand the developmental trajectories of preterm infants. She leads one of the longest running NIH follow-up study of premature infants at adulthood in the United States. Taking a longitudinal approach enables prospective testing to determine if prematurity impacts early disease onset within a context of lifetime medical and environmental risks. These data bring a strong body of research evidence to clinical strategies invoking nurse-parent partnership and restructuring specific components of the environmental context to promote optimal infant development. She brings a fresh perspective on preterm development to this significant national and international issue.

Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics
Phone: +1 401 453 7635
Phone 2: 1 401 874 2766

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Michael Msall
Linda Carpenter
Diane Holditch-Davis
Robin Miller
Katheleen Hawes

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