The focus of my research is the experimental, field, and theoretical investigations of the phase equilibria of calc-alkaline magmas. The purpose is to establish mineral stabilities and compositions in these magmas as a function of the fugacities of the volatile species, temperature, and the total pressure. This type of phase equilibrium is used to assess the conditions in pre-eruption subvolcanic magma systems at Mount St. Helens, and in the pre-eruption magma system at Mount Pinatubo, Philippines.

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I received a B.Sc. Engineering in 1961 and an M.Sc. in 1963, both at the University of Saskatchewan. I served as a PostDoc, then as an acting Assistant Professor at the University of California/Los Angeles before coming to Brown in 1970. In 1985, I was promoted to Full Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences. Though a Professor Emeritus, I am still very active within the Geochemistry/Mineralogy/Petrology (GMP) research group.

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Professor Emeritus
Geological Sciences
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