The central themes that run through my research are the processes that modify solid surfaces and the spatial and temporal scales that control environmental processes on the Earth. Because surfaces lie at the interface between the solid interior of a planet (from the shallow subsurface to the deep interior) and the fluid exterior (atmosphere, hydrosphere, etc.), their composition and morphology record the interesting interplay between interior and exterior processes.

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I received my B.S. with Honors in 1983 from U. British Columbia and my Ph.D in 1990 from Brown University. Following postdoctoral research in the Department, I was appointed W. M. Keck assistant professor (research) in 1991 after a nationwide search. My interests in the applications of remote sensing have been integral to the Department's interdisciplinary work with Environmental Sciences, the Environmental Change Initiative and the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) joint program.

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JOHN MUSTARD, B.Sc. Geological Sciences (Honors), May 1983, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. CANADA M.Sc.Geological Sciences, May 1986, Brown University, Ph.D.Geological Sciences, May 1990, Brown University.
Geological Sciences
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