I seek to understand the patterns and causes of natural climate variability using paleoclimate records. I am particularly interested in the climate history of the tropics, including intertropical Africa and the El Niño Southern Oscillation system. My work involves the generation of high-resolution paleoclimate reconstructions using lake sediments, and synthesizing those records into regionally-coherent datasets to to test against climate models.

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I received my Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of MN in 2004 and then completed a PostDoc at the Limnological Research Center, University of MN. My research focus is in Paleolimnology, especially large African lakes. I have studied the paleoclimatology of Lake Edward, Uganda-Congo; piston cores from Lake Bosumatwi, Ghana; piston cores and seismic data from Lake Tanganyika, Africa, and have developed methods for Paleolimnology analysis.

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Geological Sciences
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Lake Tanganyika, East Africa
Indonesian Lakes and ENSO History
Lake Edward, Uganda - Congo
Ugandan Crater Lakes
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